the mosaic of the third millennium

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Mosaico Digitale ® adapts to any surface (flat, curved, angular) and this can also be used where the traditional mosaic could not be located.

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Lightweight, Durable, Universal


MOSAICO DIGITALE combines the traditional mosaic technique an innovative system based on the most modern digital technologies.


MOSAICO DIGITALE through technological techniques makes possible the realization of an infinite number of solutions in the forms and colors.


Each Digital Mosaic work is made with careful attention to every detail to ensure the best possible outcome for each client, even the most capricious and demanding.
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The History of Mosaic

Starting from October 2008 Pepe&Con Srl, with the futuristic project Mosaico Digitale, has spotlighted the millennial art of mosaic, revolutionizing its creative perspective.

Mosaico Digitale puts an innovative system based on the most modern digital technologies beside the mosaic traditional technique, making possible in this way the realization of a limitless number of solutions in the shape and in the chromatic scanning.
“Mosaic is a millennial decorative form: we wanted to propose it but in a more modern and creative way, with light materials, easy to place” – Salvatore Pepe asserts, manager and soul of the firm – Mosaico Digitale was born in this way, really as a decoration philosophy which shows three unique pluses.
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Awards and Recognition

Best of Neocom 2015 Chicago

Award: Gold Award

Category: Surfacing Materials

Best of The Year 2014 New York

Award: 2° place

Category: Innovative Surfacing Materials