Mosaico Digitale has been added to Material ConneXion’s Library

Big Success for Mosaico Digitale at the A.S.G.A. AWARDS 2014 in Melbourne
December 1, 2014
Mosaico Digitale – Best of Year Product Design 2014
December 1, 2014

Material ConneXion is the largest center for research and consultancy on materials and innovative and sustainable production processes with branches all around the world.

Material ConneXion is made up of an international team of multidisciplinary experts between material scientists and material specialists that bridge the gap between science and design to create practical manufacturing solutions.

The Materials Library is the world’s first library of advanced and innovative materials and processes, that is to say a physical storage of over 7,000 materials from all over the world.

It is enriched every month of about 50 new products or technologies, selected by an international and interdisciplinary group of experts. This Library is an unparalleled resource for innovation and inspiration that provides users a distinct advantage in discovering the latest and most exciting materials originating from a large spectrum of industries, otherwise impossible to reach.

MOSAICO DIGITALE has now been added to this database and its uniqueness has been recognized all over the world!

Another great result which make us particularly proud of our product and of our team.